Wealth & Finance Astrology

Wealth & Finance astrology is your complete Wealth & Finance report card which will outline following:

  • Overall Wealth & Finance outlook in general
  • 2 year Wealth & Finance predictions
  • Period of major Wealth & finance gain in next 10 years
  • Period of Wealth & Finance setback in next 10 years
  • Suggestion for best source of income for maximum Wealth gain
  • Remedies to mitigate the risk of financial setbacks

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Wealth & Finance Astrology

Price : ₹1100


Did You Know?

  1. 2nd house represents savings or accumulated wealth
  2. 11th house represents financial gains and income
  3. 10th house represents the work you do and the profession you are involved in.
  4. 6th house represents ability to overcome challenges
  5. 1st house or ascendant represents physical ability to put efforts in earning money
  6. 9th house represents whether the efforts to earn money will fructify.
  7. 2nd house, 6th house and 10th house forms Artha Trikona which is very important in judging the financial prosperity in a horoscope.

To judge the financial prosperity, above houses should necessarily be analyzed in a horoscope along with other elements.


Jupiter and Moon are the significator of wealth and Venus represents luxuries and gives ability to enjoy comforts in life. In addition to these planets, Mercury indicates financial prosperity and stability. Therefore well placed Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury bestows extremely good financial fortune.



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