Marriage Astrology

Marriage astrology is your complete marriage report card which will outline following:

  • Matchmaking and compatibility reading (Kundali Milaan)
  • Timing of marriage
  • Love marriage or arranged marriage
  • Married life predictions
  • Remedies for delay in marriage for unmarried
  • Remedies for happy married life

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Marriage Astrology

Price : ₹1100


Did You Know?

  • 7th house doesn’t only represents marriage but also relationship and partnership
  • 8th house represents stability in marriage
  • 12th house represents bed comforts and ability to get along as a couple or a partner
  • 1st house represents physical ability to marry or ability to get into a relationship

Special consideration should be given to above points along with other elements to judge the success in married life or success in a relationship.


Venus represents love and relationship and Jupiter decides the success in marriage. Therefore, well placed Venus and Jupiter signify enjoyable and a long lasting marriage.


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