Manglik (Mars) Dosha Report

If Mars (Mangal) is placed in anyone of 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in Rashi (natal) chart of a horoscope then it is known as Mars Dosha or Manglik. Following are the effects of Mars Dosha depending on its placement in the Dosha qualifying houses:

  • 1st house: person becomes very aggressive, rude & arrogant, problems in the areas of house, vehicle, conflict in married life, delay in marriage, fear of accidents from fire, electricity, chemical
  • 4th house: problems related to house, vehicle, conflict in marriage, delay in marriage, unstable professional life, difference of opinion with one’s father, loss of income sources
  • 7th house: conflict in marriage, delay in marriage, unstable professional life, difference of opinion with one’s father, person becomes aggressive, rude & arrogant, unexpected expenses, loss of income
  • 8th house: fear of accident from fire, electricity, chemical, loss of income source, unexpected expenses, tension among siblings
  • 12th house: increased expenses & losses, tension among siblings, may cause digestive ailments, blood related issues

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Manglik Dosha Report

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Above are generic observations and should be taken verbatim and the overall strength of the horoscope planets, benefic aspects, and Mars' own strength must be analyzed before making Mangal Dosha observations. At the same time there are few exceptions wherein despite of Mars’ (Mangal) placement in Dosha qualifying houses and are as follows:

  • Mars is debilitated or combust
  • Mars is exalted
  • Mars is exalted in Navamsa chart
  • Venus is in ascendant or Venus is exalted
  • While placed in Dosha qualifying houses is aspected by Jupiter
  • Mars is associated with Sun, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu

Since Mangal Dosha impacts the married life therefore the application of Mars Dosha (Manglik) is widely used in matchmaking. Mars (Manglik) Dosha is believed to be cancelled if both prospective bride and groom have Mars Dosha (Manglik) in their respective horoscope individually. However there are various remedies and procedure prescribed in Vedic Astrology to nullify or reduce the harmful effects of Mars Dosha (Manglik).

Mars Dosha (Manglik) report will detail following:

  • Whether Mars Dosha (Manglik) is present and if it is present then whether it is getting cancelled
  • How Mars Dosha (Manglik) will impact you
  • Powerful Remedies to reduce the impact of Mars Dosha (Manglik)
  • Solution for a marriage between Mars Dosha (Manglik) individual to an individual without Mars Dosha (Manglik)


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