Litigation Astrology

Litigation is the process of taking a dispute to the court for a judgment to enforce or defend a legal right. Going through a process of litigation can be tough due to uncertainty over the fate of litigation. Veydas team has a specialized cell which specializes in Litigation astrology and can help you:

  • Identify the possible outcome of litigation (winning or losing)
  • Estimated time to reach the judgment stage
  • Answer any specific related to the litigation
  • Powerful remedies to brighten up the chances of winning.

Litigation Astrology


Price : ₹2100


Did You Know?

  • 6th house represents Litigation
  • 7th house represents the Opponent in Litigation
  • 8th house represent defame
  • 8th house represent defame
  • 12th house represents court
  • Jupiter and Saturn represents law

Through analysis of above should be done along with other elements like sub divisional charts along with running Dashas and planetary transits for an exact prediction related to litigation.


Connection between the lord of 6th house with 11th house along with the presence of strong Ascendant (Lagna) lord in a horoscope signifies success in litigation.


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