Kal Sarp Yoga Report

Kal Sarp yoga is formed when all the planets are hemmed between Rahu (Dragon’s head) and Ketu (Dragon’s tail) axis in a natal horoscope. Rahu and Ketu, being always placed 180 degree from each other therefore they are always placed 7th from each other and in Kal Sarp yoga, one half of horoscope is occupied by all planets and other half is always empty.

Kal Sarp yoga report will detail following:

  • Impact of Kal Sarp yoga in the areas of health, family life, career, finances, love life and possibility of litigation
  • Period when the maximum impact of Kal Sarp yoga will be felt
  • Precautions to be taken during the period of maximum impact
  • Powerful Remedies to alleviate the impact of Kal Sarp yoga

Shani Shade Sati Report

Kal Sarp Yoga Report

Price : ₹1100


Kal Sarp yoga is of 12 types depending on the placement of Rahu (Dragon’ head) from 1st house to 12th house. If Rahu comes first it is called Kalamirtha Yogam meaning Rahu followed by other planets ends with Ketu; this is not good however if Ketu starts first and ends with Rahu it is called Viloma Yogam this is better than previous. People who have this combination will gain sudden popularity once they cross 35 years of age. The maximum impact of Kal Sarp yoga will be felt during Major periods / Maha Dasha or the Sub Period / Antar Dasha of either Rahu or Ketu. It is believed that Kal Sarp yoga may negate all other Raj Yogas present in the horoscope and in general it adversely impacts all the areas of an individual’s life however there are few exceptions when it does not yield negative results.

Vedic Astrology prescribes various remedies which are time tested and very effective to alleviate the impact of Kal Sarp Yoga.

Did You Know?

Many world famous personalities have/had Kal Sarp yoga in their horoscope and despite this they reached the pinnacle of success in their life time. Consider following few names: Abraham Lincoln (US President), Ronald Reagan (US President), Jawahar Lal Nehru (1st Prime Minister of India), Ashok Kumar (famous Bollywood star), Dhirubhai Ambani (founder of Reliance Industries, India), Ravi Shastri (famous cricket player), Sachin Tendulkar (arguably world’s best cricket player ever).


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