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If you want to get your horoscope reading done in a telephonic session with Pankaj Goel, a world renowned astrologer known for his amazingly accurate predictions, then book your telephonic session for 30 minutes or 1 hour or more.

About Pankaj Goel

Pankaj’s tryst with astrology began 30 years back when he casually picked up a book on astrology from a book stall at Railway Station while taking a long distance journey. The subject appealed to Pankaj so much that by the time he de-boarded the train he had finished the book he picked up before the start of his journey and picked up few more books while exiting the railway station.

Initial few years were all about self learning and then applying the learning on his personal horoscope and the horoscopes of close friends and relatives. During these years he started predicting events with decent accuracy. With the passing years Pankaj equipped himself with different forms/systems of Astrology like Parashar, Jaimini, KP, and Nadi Astrology.

Personal session

Telephonic Session (For Every 30 Minutes)

Price : ₹1100


Pankaj developed a unique proprietary tool “HMFT” which is a systematic and a process driven approach which facilitates very accurate predictions.

“HMFT” comprises of following steps-

  1. Hygiene Check: Accuracy of predictions depends on the accuracy of Birth Data and as per one estimate almost 98% of Birth Data are inaccurate. Therefore as a first logical step we mandatorily check the accuracy of Birth Details and do the correction if required.
  2. Multiple Systems for Accurate Predictions: At Veydas, we apply 2 systems separately in analyzing a horoscope like Parashar + Jaimini or Parashar + KP or Parashar + Nadi, Parashar + Palmistry or Parashar + Numerology and common predictions are reported for more accuracy.
  3. Four Dimensional Analysis of Horoscope:Horoscope is analyzed at 4 levels for accurate predictions of events and estimating the timing these events
    • Natal Chart (Lagna Chart) Analysis
    • Sub-Divisional Charts Analysis
    • Major and Minor Dashas (Planetary Period) Analysis
    • Planet Transit (Gochar) Analysis
  4. Testing Major Event through Horary Astrology (Prashna Jyotish): In case of any major impact event prediction or highly critical event prediction, we use Horary Astrology (Prashna Jyotish) to check the probability of event manifestation and to measure the impact of highly probable event.


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