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We are a Strategic Business Consulting company however with a difference; instead of using routine management tools, we make use of Vedic Astrology (or Indian Astrology) as an intervention tool in key situations. Astrological techniques for determining success were developed over many centuries in India, and are just as useful in today’s world as they were in ancient times and we believe that Astrology could be a useful tool for guidance in the business world.

About Veydas Business Consulting Services

Veydas’ business consulting services, designed exclusively for businesses, uses Vedic astrology as an intervention tool for business strategy and key decision making. Veydas deploys Vedic astrological tools and techniques into influencing the needed decision. We as a business consulting company make sure that our clients make the most rational and optimal decisions that positively affect their businesses.

Veydas Can Help You Gain More Insight Into

General Business Questions

  • What is the probability of profiting this year?
  • When is the right time to acquire new clients, expand business activities, or look for investment?
  • How do I get ready for financial downturns?
  • What are the obstacles in business growth and how can these be overcome?

People: Employees, Partners

  • How to make sure that you are making right hiring decision for a key position
  • How to select best business partner
  • How to select the best business to invest in or to verify whether you making right financial investment decision in a company

How Veydas works for a Corporate or Product?

Businesses have horoscope, just as people have. Veydas’ intervention is based upon the thorough analysis of planetary positions in the horoscope of a business and by timing and identifying the areas of opportunities and expected threats in near future. This helps businesses in making decisions at the best time and also plan for unfavorable period ahead. As a next logical step, Veydas advises remedies to enhance the favorable period or to reduce the ill impact of unfavorable period in future.

For new project or a launch of new product, you can actually choose the date and best time to start a new project or to launch a new product by coinciding it with the best astrological timing for your success.

When is the good time to consider 'Veydas' Intervention?

  • Your business is going through a phase of financial crisis
  • Things don’t seem to be going through as Planned
  • You are planning to start New Project or launching new product
  • You would like to know the right time to sign an important agreement or contract
  • You are planning to make an investment in a company/business/project and would like to check if the decision to invest is right
  • You business is facing various difficulties and want to know how long it will last.
  • You are planning to launch a business/product and you would like to know the best time to launch
  • Business is doing well and you would like to know how long your business will continue doing well
  • You are planning to launch a new product and would like to validate the proposed name of the product
  • You are planning to launch new business and want to get the proposed logo validated on astrological parameters

Our Featured Services

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Key Personnel Hiring

Key Personnel Hiring

New project / company / product start package

New project / company / product start package


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Veydas BC has successfully helped more than 250 companies globally


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Veydas has more than 100 astrologers, researchers and business management experts serving companies across the globe

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