Veydas, is a world class research based Vedic Astrology consulting company with an unmatched record of consistent results utilizing Vedic astrological intervention tools with Individuals as well as Businesses of all sizes across the globe. Our ability to bring about a positive change in the lives of Individuals and Businesses has earned us global recognition and appreciation. Our services are backed by a very talented team of subject experts and researchers with impeccable track record in their respective fields.
Veydas has 2 operational divisions servicing the needs of Businesses and Individuals providing comprehensive solutions to Businesses at every stage of Business Life Cycle and to Individuals covering every sphere of life. For list of services offered please visit the services section of Business and Individual sections.
Since astrological readings are dependent on the accuracy of birth data which in 99% cases is incorrect, attending astrologer’s personal experience, changes in planetary transit pattern and other factors which may not be under the control of an astrologer therefore no astrologer can guarantee 100% accuracy in predictions.
It is difficult to follow up with every single client to track the accuracy of every single prediction or solution given to clients across the globe however we encourage clients to share their feedback and basis the feedback received until now, our accuracy is around 80% (this is quantitative estimation calculated basis number of life events which came true out of total life events predicted)
Astrology is a vast subject comprising of various topics and multiple systems (Parashar, Jaimini, KP, Western and many others) to understand the impact of heavenly bodies on human life. There are excellent practitioners across the globe with great hold on selected topics and a good understanding of the system they follow. At Veydas, we have tried to bring the specialists on every possible topic and experts of all the leading systems under one roof. At Veydas, relevant topic experts attend to a query while giving horoscope reading reports by using atleast 2 systems (Parashar & KP or Parashar & Jaimini etc.). This helps improving the accuracy in readings and suggesting remedies.
We at Veydas are committed to protect and safeguard the privacy of user’s information and we guarantee confidentiality of our members' identity, birth details and any forecasts or predictions made using those details as much as possible under legal regulatory and security environment. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.
Absolutely, our clients are spread across the globe and are satisfied with our services.
Yes however you would need to book your session well in advance and expect earliest availability of personal session slot with Pankaj Goel after 10 – 12 days. To check the earliest availability please drop us a WhatsApp message at +91-8130404242 or write to us at booking@veydas.com
Skype session can be arranged for international clients however you would need to book your session well in advance and expect earliest availability for Skype session slot with Pankaj Goel after 15 – 20 days. To check the earliest availability please drop us a WhatsApp message at +91-8130404242 or write to us at support@veydas.com
Like any other activity for which a right time to act on can be predicted it is absolutely possible to predict appropriate times for business activities too. Businesses can engage Veydas to time business deals, sign contracts, start new companies, introduce products, and other major activities.
Veydas do exhaustive analysis of Business’ horoscope to identify various opportunities and possible threats over a period and this includes information related to finances, legal issues, products, sales/marketing, operations, and company reputation among others.
Absolutely, in case you need an answer to a specific business question then VEYDAS utilizes specialized branch of astrology; known as horary astrology to answers a specific question, such as "Should I invest in this company? Should I enter into partnership for a given project? Best date to launch new project or company or a product?
Veydas can help you answer following question
  • Whether this is the right business to get into
  • What kind of success be expected from the proposed business
  • When will this business break-even
  • Which is the best date to start new business
  • Validation of logo and name of business
Absolutely, Should you decide to engage a partner for your existing or new business then Veydas can help you estimate the compatibility score and predict the success probability.